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Finding Joy

What Sparks Your Joy? - Sunday, April 19, 2020
We all want Joy in life. But where do we find it? Is lasting Joy found simply in the external happenings of life? And what happens when those 'good' things in life are gone? Then what? Join us as we begin a new series called 'Finding Joy' - realizing what is essential. We go live Sunday at 10:30am. (join us a few minutes early in the chat room - this weeks question 'What are you watching on Netflix?)
Finding Joy In Unexpected Places
We all want Joy. So where does it come from? Ever think that it comes from some of the unexpected places of life? Join us as we unpack this question in our series 'Finding Joy'. Join us Sunday starting at 10:30am
Overcoming Distractions - May 3, 2020
We all can get distracted and lose focus. It can happen in the simple or more significant areas of life. What about when it comes to Joy? Join us this week as we look at how both our success and our failures can be a distraction to finding lasting Joy.
I can't get no satisfaction - May 10, 2020
No matter who you are, what you believe or how much you have, we all pursue contentment. But why is it so slippery? So difficult at times to grasp? This week we are taking a run at how we find contentment in life. Spoiler alert! The answer may veer us away from the assumption that ' satisfaction is found in having more.' Join us live at 10:30am